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Our Story

AL Seedawi UK is breathing modern life into an ancient seed by offering unique flavors of tahini and halva and inspiring new ways to use sesame in healthy, everyday cooking.

Sesame seeds, once used as currency and medicine, was praised by ancient legends as a symbol of immortality, have been crushed and used for cooking since the days of ancient Mesopotamia. Who are we to mess with six thousand years of perfection?!

Our History 1955 to Today

Al Seedawi Factory was established in Sidon in 1955 to aim was to produce Tahini & Confectionary Items. By 1959, the factory relocated to Kuwait City, and within five years of business, the factory had reached a high record in both sales and production.

In 1964, the factory was in cooperated with Limited Liability, and from 1964-1984 the Company had grown to reach the highest remarks in excellence.

With European import demand growing and our consciousness to tackled transport CO2 emissions in a comprehensive way, the movement of raw materials and goods entering or leaving companies, commercial travel, etc , In 2016 we worked on our UK factory.

The 6000SqFt factory is located in Corby in Northamptonshire with 45T per day capacity ready to supply the European Market. It includes the production, offices, and warehouse area. In the present time, we are looking into increasing the size of the warehouse by adding more units and providing a storefront to enhance product display for sales practices.


AL Seedawi manufactures its authentic Lebanese Tahini and Halva to an ever-growing clientele. We manufacture quality and product-uniqueness in a market segment filled with imported competition. Our approach is to take our product image up-market because of our rich heritage and uncompromising view of product quality. This focus has enabled us to view the voids in the market, and produce a great product that will substitute for it. We have researched and reviewed other ethnic Tahini produced abroad and are very confident we can produce a much better quality.

Meet the Team

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Salah Al Seedawi


Meet the Boss

Mr. Salah Al Seedawi started his first tahini and Halva factory in Kuwait in 1955 along with his 2 brothers.

He is an expert in tahini manufacturing in the Middle East. He has established the UK branch in 2016 with state of the art pieces of machinery to produce top quality products without compromising on the taste.

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